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Sorry, the McCoy Pottery on-line guestbook will no longer accept new entries. We've been forced to do this because of constant vandalism.

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Thank you for visiting.

Total Entries: 1116

Name: Cheryl

Date: March 26, 2006
Age: 47
Occupation: auto worker
From: Kansas City
I have aquired several nice pieces of McCoy pottery and was checking out your wonderful site!

Name: Cheryl Richey

Date: March 22, 2006
Age: 47
Occupation: Barber
From: McDonough, Ga
I found an old vase that belonged to my grandmother. It is the light green glaze with raised flower petals all around it. The edges of the petals are slightly white from where the glaze did not take. It is marked with your McCoy name that I see from the web site to have started in the 40's. Is this valuable?

Name: Bobbie Motley

Date: February 10, 2006
Age: 65
Occupation: retired
From: Terrell, North Carolina
Wonderful site, very informative

Name: Douglas Brown

Date: February 07, 2006
Age: 53
Occupation: self employed
From: NC
I found the McCoy web site to be one of the best I have found on the web.

Name: Richard Nacamuli

Date: February 05, 2006
Age: 48
Occupation: Engineering
From: Califon, NJ, USA
Great site! I really like it.

Name: Bobbie Motley

Date: February 04, 2006
Age: 65
Occupation: retired
From: Terrell, N C
Wonderful site, I have identified 2 items from your site that belonged to my mother.

Name: Eze

Date: February 02, 2006
Age: 52
Occupation: Admin manager
From: Houston
A very nice site keep it up.


Name: Eze

Date: February 02, 2006
Age: 52
Occupation: Admin Manager
From: Houston
A very nice site,keep it up.


Name: Shirley

Date: January 30, 2006
From: Michigan
Curious as to what the sight has to off.

Name: teresa

Date: January 22, 2006
Age: 32
Occupation: housewife
From: port st joe florida
I went to a auction friday and bid on a ashtray that was just what my husband needed. I love it.

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